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I have been drawing and painting since I was teeny tiny. Growing up my favorite things to do were draw, color, and paint. My family would buy me little gifts of markers, coloring books, paint sets, and anything artistic or crafty they thought I might like. Their encouragement was just what I needed to pursue art as a career.

I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where I recieved a BA in Illustration. I really wanted to be a children's book illustrator and tailored much of my graduating portfolio to that idea. After College, however, I applied, on a whim, for a job in animation. I was hired as a Lead Technical Director for the feature film 'South Park...bigger, longer, and uncut'. It was a huge learning experience and so different from anything I had ever experienced. After completion of the film I was invited to work for the 'South Park' TV series and that is where I have been for about 8 years now.
I took a year off from 'South Park' to work for a design studio in Long Beach, California where I paint murals for clients such as Bristol Farms.

In addition to my fine art one of my artistic passions is street painting. I began street painting in 1998 and have painted in festival throughout the US and internationally. I have won several major awards in Italy and Germany, where I am now considered a Maestro. I have street painted in Holland, and Istanbul, Turkey where I was honored to be one of three American featured artists at there first chalk festival. This August I will street paint in Toronto, Canada and Italy.


I love animals, especially pigs! street painting, traveling, learning.